Free Support and Assistance

Site visits, advance bookings, promotional material and much more.

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Tailored support – free and without commission

VisitAarhus Convention Bureau offers suppert and assistance to anyone interested in organising a conference, convention or meeting in the Aarhus Area.


Your local switchboard to the Aarhus Area

With a detailed knowledge of Aarhus’ many facilities and options, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you throughout the entire life cycle of the meeting or conference planning – and always with a personal touch.

We are your no-charge planning partner and your link to the city. Contact us for professional consultancy that will save you time and connect you to local key operators. We are here to help you.


Our free services include:

  • Information and consultancy on venues, accommodation, restaurants, social events, PCOs and means of transportation etc.
  • Contact to local key operators, companies and authorities.
  • Producing bids and presentations in relation to conferences and delegate boosting.
  • Planning and hosting site visits for decision makers.
  • Gathering offers, giving advice in relation to budgeting and setting up budget drafts.
  • Making advance reservations at venues and in relation to accommodation and social events. The final booking is handed over to you without any commission on our part.
  • Unlimited access to VisitAarhus’ promotional material such as pictures, videos, presentations and information material about Aarhus and the surroundings.


Upon our request, their doors opened wide for much more than we had ever dared hope for. VisitAarhus Convention Bureau immediately assigned manpower to the project, which was the reason why we ever managed to collect the materials needed, make price inquiries and put together a budget for two different conference venues (...).
(Klaus Seiersen - Danish Center for Particle Therapy)

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