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Tourist Office and Visitors' Service

Photo: Per Bille

Learn more about how your guests can get detailed information on Aarhus and the countless local attractions when they are in town.

The Aarhus Way - Visitors’ Services

In 2011, the tourist office in the form that most people know was closed in Aarhus, as there was and still is a wish to meet the visitors where they are at. Digitally as well as out in the real world.

As a result, Visitors’ Services can be found around town on touch screens providing tourist information, at hotspots in and around Aarhus and on cargo bikes used as pop-up tourist offices and at events and conferences.

In 2016, VisitAarhus’ mobile tourist offices assisted more than 85,000 visitors

Lean more about our tourist information.

In our 2025 strategy, one of our must-win-battles is to sustain and develop the service we provide for our visitors The Aarhus Way (in Danish)

We Pull Together

Our vision to be known and recognised as one of Scandinavia’s best cities to visit, work, study and live in not to mention to hold a conference in takes for us to be able to pull together; in close co-operation with Aarhus’ corporate community.

Needless to say, this vision sets the bar for our visitors’ services as well, which includes not only our highly skilled staff but municipal city assistants and more than 1,950 volunteers as well who are ready to provide personal and customised assistance; to private tourists as well as business travelers attending a conference in Aarhus.

Visitors’ Services FAQ

  • Where do I find Visitors’ Services?
    • Visitors’ Services are located at: Store Torv, in front of the Central Station, Dokk1, the harbour area (on days when cruise ships dock) as well as at special events and conferences. Furthermore, the municipal city assistants are always to be found around the city centre
  • How many tourists come to Aarhus, and where are they from?
  • Which attractions do the visitors go see

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