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Seaplane Aarhus Copenhagen

Take off to Copenhagen! Even though you are in Aarhus you now have the chance for a quick get away to Denmarks capital. Take the sea plane from Nordic Seaplanes and one hour later you are in the center of Copenhagen, having seen a lot of pretty sights of Denmark from above.

You board the plane from Østhavnsvej in Aarhus and fly directly to Nordre Toldbod in the centre of Copenhagen in 45 minutes. 

See Denmark from above

When you get to Copenhagen you will have plenty of time to see some of the many sights before taking the sea plane back later. While you are in the air you can among other sights see some of the royal family's houses and even the famous Little Mermaid.


Østhavnsvej 37
8000 Aarhus C

Nordre Toldbod 29
1259 Copenhagen K

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