Undervisning i Aarhus Universitet auditorium

Partnering with Aarhus University

Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard, Aarhus Universitet

A unique collaboration with great value for the meetings and conferences in the city.

For more than 10 years VisitAarhus Convention Bureau has been a close partner with Aarhus University for the purpose of attracting national and international meetings and conferences to Aarhus.

Help before and after a won conference bid

As an independent partner of the conference host we, The VisitAarhus Convention Bureau, undertake the role of project manager during the bidding process – from the deliberation phase through to the decision whether the conference has been won. Our services are free and without commission.

After winning the conference, the Events and Communication Support unit at Aarhus University works to ensure the best possible service for the hosting of the conference. They offer to give advice on everything from the exchange of ideas for sustainable solutions, the execution of the conference, to the registration system and ordering of conference articles.

Contact the AU Events and Communication Support unit

Find their contact information and read more on how they can assist you.

Considering the Aarhus Area as your host destination?

Contact VisitAarhus Convention Bureau - we are at your service and ready to look into the opportunities for your next conference.

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