Veninder ved Aarhus å

Tips, Handbooks and City Information

Photo: RUNI Photopop, VisitAarhus

Tips for greener meetings and information about sustainable actions in the Aarhus Region.

A limited effort in your event planning and execution can make a huge (sustainable) difference – and create a positive signaling effect on your surroundings at the same time.

Find ideas and inspiration in the links below on what to do before, during and after your event when you want to put special focus on sustainability.

The Green Conference and Event Handbook
Get your free guide to working strategically with sustainability when planning meetings, events, conferences and conventions.
A webpage hosted by the Municipality of Aarhus about the city’s many sustainable initiatives. Learn even more about how Denmark’s second city will become green and free of fossil fuels. Here, you will find climate reports, information on the most recent sustainable initiatives taken in Aarhus and much, much more.
Map of Sustainable Aarhus
This map is your guide to great places to shop, eat, sleep and get a taste of sustainable Aarhus city centre.
Tips for before and during the conference
Learn how you can apply an even greener touch to your conference. Aarhus University specialises in sustainable conferences and has put together a list of things to consider before and during the conference.
Aarhus in Sustain Europe Magazine
According to Sustain Europe Magazine, Aarhus is becoming a major destination for meetings and conventions, particularly those with a science focus, and it’s also a leading light in sustainability.
Compensate for Your Carbon Dioxide Footprint Through Growing Trees Network
Compensate for the carbon dioxide footprint of your event and support the Danish tree initiative to protect Denmark’s clean drinking water, fauna and nature not to mention the climate of the planet as a whole.
Calculate your CO2 emission and compensate accordingly
Calculate and compensate for the emission of greenhouse gasses caused by your conference. The Danish organisations CONCITO and grø recommend using the CO2 calculator provided by MyClimate and using the possibility of compensating accordingly.