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The voluntary ReThinkers of VisitAarhus are ready to help and support your event with more than 2,000 active and resourceful locals. Make your event better, easier, and more interesting with a local setting that provides international perspectives and makes your delegates feel welcome.

The locals look forward to meeting you

“Smilets by” is the Danish term for the City of Smiles, by which Aarhus is fondly known across Denmark and Scandinavia. And for a good reason – the happy and welcoming locals!

We love having visitors in Aarhus and we strive to give them the greatest experience while they are here. This is made possible by the local organization, ReThinkers, with their more than 2,000 volunteers, who are happy to welcome new visitors to our wonderful city.

When an event is hosted in the city, ReThinkers are there to ‘meet and greet’ your delegates, whether it be at the airport, at the hotel, or venue and make them feel welcome. Thanks to them we might be one of the most hospitable conference cities in the world.

Give your guests the possibility of getting close to the locals and experience an authentic experience of the destination.

How can ReThinkers support your event?

ReThinkers solve voluntary tasks for more than 100 different organizers on a yearly basis when Aarhus organizes events, such as outdoors theatrical plays, cruise ship docks, conferences, congresses, etc. 

Examples of tasks resolved by ReThinkers:  

  • Hosting/receiving/welcoming 
  • Pack bags/goodie bags 
  • Picking up keynote speakers at the airport and checking them into a hotel 
  • Wayfinding both relating to events and city touring 
  • Exhibition of the city: “Experience Aarhus with a local” 
Møder og konferencer i Aarhus understøttes af ReThinkers
Photo: VisitAarhus

Note that the volunteers of ReThinkers are not replacements for commercial work. They are and can something completely different and exceptional. Thus, they can for example make the delegates of your event, conference or congress feel welcome to the city and make sure they experience a destination that wants them.


Hear more about the possibilities from Head of Convention, Andreas Grønnebæk Horn. 

Andreas Horn Jensen

Head of Convention

The great history of Rethinkers

Photo: Per Bille

ReThinkers were created during the Aarhus European Capital of Culture in 2017. However, it was too good to end this community which had become a world-mentioned initiative never seen before. Today ReThinkers functions as a bank of volunteers, whom the cultural life fully enjoys. As part of VisitAarhus and a valuable part of Aarhus, ReThinkers are nowadays a well-integrated organization – and yes, the only one, not only in Aarhus, but in the world!

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