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Sustainable Hotels, Venues and Restaurants

Photo: Comwell Hotel Aarhus

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All of 73 percent of the city’s hotel rooms have undergone and received an official environmental certification, just as many of its other meeting venues and restaurants have received certifications.

An even larger number of suppliers are environmentally friendly in their work and include sustainability as a natural consideration in their daily processes.

Get an overview and learn more about the wide array of possibilities in Aarhus. Below, you will find a list of the city’s green hotels and venues, restaurants with a sustainable focus and an overview of the most significant eco-labels and certifications found in Aarhus.


Sustainable Hotels and Venues

Keep a clean conscience.

Green Restaurants and Cafés

Delicious and sustainable places to eat

Sustainability certifications:
Read more about the labels and certifications used in the Aarhus Region

Photo: Dennis Borup Jakobsen