SAI Platform Annual Event

A sustainable conference in a sustainable city

Udsigt over Aarhus Universitet Campus

SAI Platform, 2018

Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus Universitet

In March 2018, Aarhus hosted the global SAI Platform Annual Event.

Ambassadors within the field of sustainability, coming from some of Europe's leading food producers, met for at this conference to network, share knowledge and gain new insigths from one of the world's leading regions on innovative and sustainable food production.

VisitAarhus Convention Bureau's services:

  • Production of a bidding material incorporating sustainability cases from Aarhus, which helped to win the conference in Aarhus.

  • Switch board and local anchor for international PCO.

  • Implementation of site inspection for international decision makers.

  • Ongoing dialogue with the conference hosts on the interaction between the city and the region's possibilities and the conference's focus on sustainable food production.

  • Ensuring interaction between the organization's focus on sustainability and the conference's conduct. (Sustainability envisaged in transportation during the conference, accommodation, catering, social activities, materials, gifts, etc.).

  • Establishing contact and counseling with relevant local companies for business visits during the conference.

  • Advice during the preparation of the conference on the city's opportunities, communication, marketing, planning business visits.

  • Development of marketing and legacy films for SAI Platform for use on social media.

The work of VisitAarhus Convention Bureau was supported by the Vækstforum-project “turismeøkonomi til erhvervs- & vidensturismeøkonomi”.

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